SBM Haikus

A bald guitarist
Made more sensual because
His size fourteen shoes


Screaming blue Monkey
You could be the death of me
But I stopped... to pee


Monkey Monkey Blue
Charismatic, enticing
Down the hatch with you!


We need more metal...
Pour some sugar on me now
In the name of LOVE!


Cody has a hat
and has his sunglasses too
watch that towel swing


Chuck Phucking Norris
Blue Monkey screaming so loud
Roundhouse kick the shot

-Alex Kirk

Mi culo es un
trabajo de arte, no?
Nalgas suave..isi!


From Minnesota
We viewed and smelled and tasted
Screaming Blue Monkey


Freedom rings true blue
Family and friends are true
Here's a drink to you


We missed Jessie's Girl
Next time, more 80's music -
please, please, please, please, please!!


A small blue Monkey
New and old friends together
Music binds us all


There's no haiku
in desert places
you look west to
sunsets and death
and smile when it
arrives -


Jodelsaft brauch' Ich
SBM, Du bist so toll
Jetzt trinke Ich Dich!


...and the band played on
through the night all twenty songs
Cody was happy


Cody Christman he
The Screaming Blue Monkey Jam
Beyond normal day